December 31, 2017 - Oren Teel: When We Turn To God

This Sunday we have had a slightly different sermon presentation from our usual services. It is brought by our Missionary At Large, Pastor Oren Teel. His text is Isaiah 6:1-8.  The passage is read at the beginning. When presented, each part of the message was punctuated by a song (which you will have to imagine for yourself!). Here is the outline: 
   I. Why we turn to God (v.1a).
     Song: “Where Does My Help Come From?”
  II. We see a holy God (vv.1b-4).
     Song: “Open the Eyes Of My Heart”
     Song: “Holy, Holy, Holy”
  III. We see ourselves as sinners (v.5).
     Song: “Lord, I Need You”
  IV. We see a forgiving God (vv.6-7).
     Song: “Mighty To Save”
  V. We see our place of service (v.8)
     Song: “Behold the Lamb (The Communion Song)”