March 4, 2018 - Mexico Team Report



Presentation Sunday

We welcomed the adults, leaders-in-training, and youth members who recently ministered in the Vicente Guerrero region in Mexico. While there, they built two houses for local families.  We had the opportunity to hear how God used them and what He did in their lives while they were gone. (Note: due to the number of people sharing—as well as some technical difficulties—there are a few glitches in the recording. Your patience in listening will be rewarded!)

February 18, 2018 - Zach & Sara Prieb: Prieb Update

Prieb 1-2018.jpg

This Sunday it was a joy to have as our guests missionaries for whom we are a primary sending church. Zachary grew up in ACC, and Sara was a part of the Church of Tollhouse most of her life. They share about the ministry God has given them with Ethnos 360, in Asia-Pacific region. (Note: much of their message was accompanied by a slideshow—listeners will have to use their own imagination!)

January 14, 2018 - Ron McLain: Set Your Mind, Part 2

While Ron's first sermon of this two-part series focused on humility, this week's sermon is about forgiveness. His text is Matthew 18:21-35, of which there is a reading before the message. Also, just short of the 40 minute mark, there is a video you are encouraged to view on YouTube. A time of prayer follows the showing of the video. One other note: one of ACC's elders, Tim Buletti gave an update to the church as to where we are presently as a congregation. His text can be found on our Bulletin Announcements page.