Correction: Executive Board will meet Tuesday, October 1, 7:00 p.m. at ACC.

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From Past Weeks' Bulletins:

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ACCBltn 2019.07.21-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2019.07.14-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.07.07-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.06.30-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.06.23-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.06.16-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.06.09-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.06.02-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.05.19-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.05.12-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.05.05-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.04.28-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.04.21-Easter-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.03.10-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.03.03-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.02.17-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.01.27-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2019.01.13-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.12.30-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.12.16-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.12.09-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.11.11-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.11.04-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.10.28-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.10.21-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.10.14-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.10.07-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.09.30-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.09.30-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.09.23-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.09.02-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.08.26-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.07.29-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.07.15-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.07.01-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.06.17-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.06.17-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.10-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.10-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.10-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.03-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.03-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.06.03-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.27-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.05.20-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.20-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.13-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.13-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.13-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.06-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.05.06-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.29-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.29-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.29-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.22-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.22-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.22-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.08-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.08-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.08-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.08-4.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.01-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.01-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.01-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.04.01-4.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.25-FINAL-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.25-FINAL-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.25-FINAL-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.25-FINAL-4.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.18-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2018.03.18-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.11-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.11-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.11-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.04-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.03.04-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.25-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.25-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.18-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.18-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.11-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.11-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.04-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.02.04-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.01.28-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.01.28-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2018.01.28-3.jpg

Note: The following was presented to the church by one of our elders, Tim Buletti:

Auberry Community Church

Elders' Communication — January 14, 2017

The elders would like to share some information regarding our current situation and future with our church body. I will be sharing what has been discussed and then I will lead us in a prayer time.

In our first couple of elder meetings we discussed needing to bring someone in who could assist us in our difficult transition, someone who has experience in this area. In looking for a possible interim pastor, we pursued a couple of options, talked with a few pastors who have dealt with church splits.  

We have decided—or God has decided—that Ron McLane would be the one who will assist us in this. He is not acting as an interim pastor but his current role is meeting with the elders and guiding us through this difficult time of transition. Ron has been a great blessing to our elders.  He has challenged us in areas that are difficult but necessary for our leaders and church body to heal and become effective ministers in our own body and our community.

We as elders are realizing this take time, and we are seeing healing and understanding as time and communication progresses. We want to thank you, our church family for being patient and allowing this process to occur. You are an amazing church family and you are in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to seek God's face for healing. We plan on communicating more just like this and possibly having a church family meeting before our April Family council.

Some other short updates:

As many of you know Alan Garrison has been approved by the Executive board to be an elder. Leo Stewart, who is currently our church Vice chairman, has also been asked to attend our elder meetings. We appreciate both their service and are blessed by their assistance.

We are not currently discussing or seeking to replace the senior pastor position or begin a search committee. Before we can get to this place in our church we need healing and to look at who we are as a church and what we are desiring. We will communicate with our church body any plans that relate to this issue.

We are meeting twice a month to have time to address issues, be proactive, and be visionary. 

We are contacting other pastors to share and challenge us in the Word on Sundays. We are trying to minimize having different speakers every week and we are trying to plan in advance and keep you updated in the bulletin of who the speakers are.  

We are meeting with individuals as needed and focusing on helping our church family through this forgiving and healing process.

It is our desire to have open communication; if you have questions please contact us.  As we know from God’s Word we are here to and desire to protect, feed, lead and meet the many needs of our church family. So please let us know how we can assist in this time of transition.

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ACCBltn 2017.12.24-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2017.12.10-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2017.12.10-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.12.03-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2017.11.26-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2017.11.12-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.11.12-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.11.12-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.11.05-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.11.05-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.11.05-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.29-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.29-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.29-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.22-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.22-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.22-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.15-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.15-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.15-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.08-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.08-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.08-3.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.01-1.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.10.01-2.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.09.24-1.jpg
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ACCBltn 2017.09.17.jpg
ACCBltn 2017.09.10-1.jpg
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